School Emblem and Motto:

School emblem is a well synchronized embodiment. Just like guardians care their wards, our two hands symbolize proper care and mounlding of the student’s future in our school. The sun shows light of knowledge on the path of life in this competitive world.

The Motto of school is EDUCATION WITH DEDICATION means we provide better academic education with other curricular activities and up to date, knowledge and skills to our students with dedication.

House System:

Our School is divided into four houses i.e.

S.No House Name House Colour
1. Shastri House Yellow
2. Tagore House Green
3. Ashoka House Red
4. Raman House Blue

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Arpan Public School Arpan Public School Arpan Public School Arpan Public School Arpan Public School Arpan Public School

Student Speak

A.P.S. campus is situated in the lap of nature away from the pollution. Its lush green campus , vast play ground, well ventilated rooms , healthy atmosphere & dedicated teaching team has set it up as the first choice for all of us. We all are proud to be the ARPEANS. Aakarsha , Uttam , Himanshu , Adnan , Vijay Laxmi , Tanashvi , Gayatri- X B

Reach Us

Address:Delhi Yamnautri Highway,
 Thana Bhawan, Shamli
Telephone: 01398- 234041
Mob: (+91)9639705003
E-mail: [email protected]