1. 1. Promotion in all the classes will depend upon the marks achieved over the year. There will be 2 Terms which are expanded as below

    * First Term comprises of Pre Mid Term & Mid Term which are to be held in the month of May and September respectively.
    * Second Terms comprises of Post Mid Term and Final exams which are to be held in the month of December and March respectively.
    * In addition to the above all the students will be assessed on the basis of Subject Enrichment Activities held in all the subjects and Assessment of Notebook throughout the whole year.

  2. 2. The students who are absent from any of the Terms will not be considered for promotion.

  3. 3. There will be no Provision of Re-Exam.

Evaluation of academic subjects in classes ( Nur - VIII )

Type of Assessment % of weighteage in Academics Month Term wise weightage
Pre Mid Term 10% MAY Pre Mid + Mid + NB+ SEA = 10+80+5+5 = 100 = First Term
Mid Term 80% September
Notebook Assessment 5% Throughout First TermThroughout First Term
Subject Enrichment Activity 5%
Post Mid 10% December Post Mid + Final + NB + SEA = 10+80+5+5 =100 = Second Term
Final Exam 80% Feb-March
Notebook Assessment 5% Throughout Second TermThroughout Second Term
Subject Enrichment Activity 5%

Total final Weightage of each subject is out of  = First Term(100) + Second Term(100) = 200


Summer (April to October) 7:30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
Winter (Nov. to March) 8:00a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

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