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Arpan Public School "Unless we focus we cannot achieve our goal. It is hard to focus and concentrate, but it is the skill that can be learnt. You students always be like the great pupil Arjuna and it is possible for you."

The main aim of APRAN PUBLIC SCHOOL is to provide its best in the field of Education to its students. Academic Excellence, proper Physical, Mental and Spiritual growth and keen aesthetic sence are ensured through school syllabus and daily routine. Efforts are made to develop the qualities of integrity, honesty and tolerance through their participation in various co-curricular and academic activities.

Keeping the above targets in view, experienced and qualified teachers are employed. To make the teaching interesting and effective the Modern Audio-Visual aids are procured. Separate labs of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and Computer are there to make everything effective and interesting.

All this is not possible without the Co-operation of the parents .To bring out the best in the children home influence should supplement school efforts. Constant vigilance of the parents pay rich dividends. Parents are requested to go through the diary, frame his/ her own timetable for work at home and self help in work and study. Your prompt attention to the teachers note is very essential. The school at all times desires to have your co-operation and close contact with the teacher because the informal education starts at home and gains momentum in the school, the centre of formal education. Without your co-operation child’s progress cannot be guaranteed.

Mandeep Saini (Principal)
APS Thana Bhawan

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A.P.S. campus is situated in the lap of nature away from the pollution. Its lush green campus , vast play ground, well ventilated rooms , healthy atmosphere & dedicated teaching team has set it up as the first choice for all of us. We all are proud to be the ARPEANS. Aakarsha , Uttam , Himanshu , Adnan , Vijay Laxmi , Tanashvi , Gayatri- X B

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